Dr. Ruth Says Couples Over 50 Need To Get Busy In The Morning


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According to famed sex expert Dr. Ruth, couples who are over 50 will have a much better chance at “intimate moments” if they switch things up. Dr. Ruth, who is 86, suggests that mixing up things in the bedroom could be just to ticket for revitalizing a relationship.

“Men and women at a certain age should not engage in sex in the evening, when they are tired, but in the mornings, when they feel fresh,” Dr. Ruth said to Huffington Post.


First of all, she’s 86? I honestly thought she had passed but good for her still in the game. Secondly, this shift to the morning sounds like a good idea. The good doctor points out that testosterone levels in men are at their highest in the morning. Translation: Best time to get the motor running, so to speak. She also suggests more adventurous positions but not to take it too far. “You have to know that an older man cannot hang from a chandelier,” she warned. Duly noted. Dr. Ruth points out that a morning session on Valentine’s Day could be just the ticket to get that holiday off on a good foot and take away the pressure of a “perfect” romantic evening. No mention of what to do with the kids when they are asking for breakfast. Finally, the good doctor also suggested that instead of sexy lingerie as a present, buy warm underwear and wash those items in the laundry instead of by hand. Huh? “Honey, I love you. Please, enjoy these thermals.” “If you have a washing machine in your apartment, do that together and see if the vibrations of the laundry machine and dryer can do something for your sexual arousal,” Dr. Ruth said. Take note, that Dr. Ruth just signed a deal to promote Clorox with a website entitled LaundryForeplay.com. That explains a lot.  

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