Mom Says ‘Let Us Pray’ Before Dinner. Now Watch the Family Dog Join the Prayer.


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dog prayer

Source: Rumble

For many families across the world, a family meal begins be bowing their heads and saying a prayer. For this family, it’s not just the humans who clasp their hands together.

In a hilarious and touching video, an unnamed family has just sat down. The mother says, “Let us pray,” and everyone (except whoever is filming!) puts their hands together and bows their head. The camera pans across the table until we see the family dog is also sitting at the table. Adorably, the little guy pitches back on his hind legs and puts his front paws together in his own dog prayer.


If dogs do go to heaven, this little pooch is certainly doing everything he can to get there. Please SHARE this cute video with your friends on Facebook below!

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