Director Joe Wright Impressed with Young Pan Star’s Manners


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Director Joe Wright impressed with young Pan star

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Young Levi Miller refused to call Hugh Jackman anything but Mr. Jackman, even though the Australian actor begged him to call him Hugh.



Wright tells Heyuguys, “We did a few weeks of rehearsals with all the actors so they all felt comfortable. First day of rehearsals he refused to call Hugh anything other than Mr. Jackman. That wasn’t going to work and Hugh kept on saying, ‘You can call me Hugh, mate’, and he would say, ‘Thank you… Mr. Jackman.”   And the youngster “adored” Garrett Hedlund, who portrays Hook in the movie.   Wright adds, “He was this great, big hulking man of poetry. Garrett would read Levi a poem he had written in rehearsals and Levi would just be weeping, ‘I love you…’ He had a crush on (co-star) Rooney (Mara) too, and all that stuff.”

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