Dig Into Your Own Pizza Garden


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We all love pizza, but when we do want to indulge, it’s a battle between eating naturally or feeding into convenience by ordering from a favorite pizza joint.

Well, you no longer have to choose. You can enjoy your favorite slice of pizza and eat organically while sticking to the convenience factor. How? Easy! Grow your own delicious herbs and tomatoes from your garden. Not only is making your own pizza fun and easy, but it’s a good way to bond with the family or a great way to save some extra dough (money dough, not the pizza kind).


What you’ll need:
  • Organic potting soil
  • Organic gardening soil
  • Tomato and Herb seeds
  • Water
(For more information on the preparations, check out Miracle-Gro.) Not a gardener? Not a problem! Most traditional pizza ingredients are easy to grow and take little maintenance once the seeds are in the ground or your indoor garden containers. If you plan to garden indoors, make sure that your garden gets sunlight by placing the container on a windowsill or near a spot with plenty of natural light.
Source: leapfrog.com

Source: leapfrog.com

If you’re unsure which ingredients you want to plant, plant them all. Tomatoes, thyme, garlic, parsley, and oregano are all easy to grow pizza herbs. When your herbs are ready and you’re craving a pizza, just snip off a few of the herbs, sprinkle on your pie, and enjoy!
Source: ohmyveggies.com

Source: ohmyveggies.com


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