These Cuddly Baby Otters Will Make You Fall in Love


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Source: Imgur/sstrdisco

Are you sick of the otter depressing stuff on the internet? If so, then get over here because there is no otter love like, well, otters of course.

Did you know there are 13 species of otters and 12 of them are decreasing in population across the world? That’s very sad. We can do better. Or were you aware that sea otters hold hands when they sleep so they don’t drift away from each other? Did you know that a group of otters on land is called a romp while a group of otters in water is called a raft? Finally, that an otter will store its favorite rock in the skin under its arms (and use it to crack open clams)?


Okay, we showed you fluffy baby cows, now prepare for more cuteness with…cuddly baby otters!

Let the cuddling begin.

“This is my significant otter, Teddy!”

Source: Reddit/iwantedtoexplode

“Please, sir, I want some more,” said Ott-liv-er Twist.

Source: Imgur/sstrdisco

It warms our hearts knowing that otters are quite motherly.

“Hey! Uh, you gonna eat that?”

Source: Reddit (Unknown)

Chase that tail, cutie!

Source: Imgur/ottercontrol

Watch this little fella swim, he does the cutest thing ever at the end.

Anybody up for a game of “Otterball”?

Source: Imgur/ProfessorExpertsStudent


Source: Imgur/TranssexualUnicorns

Ever witness an otter’s first time in the water? You’re not ready for this.

So just like baby humans, baby otters can’t get enough milk!

Source: Imgur/JustYourTypicalWhiteGirl

Who is this lucky lady and where can we sign up to get our faces hugged by an otter pup?

Source: Reddit/iliketosneezee

This is the most precious little otter there ever was or will be.

Oh how rough life must be when you’re this adorable.

Source: Imgur (Unknown)

“I made this.”

Source: Reddit/Cookiemobsta

And that’s a wrap. Goodnight! (We guess we’ll just have to cuddle these cuties in our dreams…)

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