This Cockatiel is Not a Fan of His Stuffed Animal Doppelgänger


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For this cockatiel, seeing his doppelgänger proved to be slightly more than he could handle.


As shown in the above clip, Alex the cockatiel is seemingly confounded by a stuffed animal that bears a striking resemblance to the bird. He cautiously approaches the toy, only to back away several times, all the while screeching. The bird’s off-screen owner tries several times to ingratiate the stuffed animal with Alex, making kiss noises and gingerly bringing the stuffed animal closer. However, as of the end of the video, Alex simply wasn’t having it. Here’s to hoping that Alex will come to accept the stuffed cockatiel sooner rather than later. *BONUS VIDEO* Speaking of stuffed animal doppelgängers, these adorable orphan tiger cubs were nursed by one.

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