Cinnamon-Flavored Cheetos: It’s What’s For Breakfast


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At last count, there were 16 distinct flavor variations of Cheetos. These include the Flamin’ Hot, the Flamin’ Hot With Limon, the XXTRA Flamin’ Hot and Crunchy Cheddar Jalapeno Cheese. Lots to pick from. I can actually remember a time when there was only crunchy and puffy Cheetos. The times they are a changing. In an effort to expand the Cheetos universe, parent company Frito-Lay has done it again. It’s a new Cheetos this time aimed for those of us with a sweet tooth (guilty). Cinnamon-Flavored Cheetos will be hitting the store shelves just in time for Easter and how is it we lived this long without them?

The powers that be at the crunch factory explained that millennial are on the prowl for sweeter snacks and that’s why they want to infuse their cheesy goodness with cinnamon. This isn’t the only holiday themed snacky goodness heading out way. As a loving tribute to Valentine’s Day, Oreo is going to be releasing a limited edition red velvet version of its popular cookie. Here I was thinking they couldn’t top the pumpkin flavor for Halloween. Silly me.


Because it is Easter, the new Cheetos will be shaped like a tiny Easter egg. The choice is clear: the delicious creamy filled Cadbury chocolate Easter egg or the Cinnamon-Flavored Cheetos. Love me some Cheetos but if I’m going to blow out the diet, it’s going to be with Cadbury.

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