Celine Dion to Perform as Part of Stand Up To Cancer Telecast


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Celine Dion will pay tribute to her late husband by performing at the upcoming Stand Up To Cancer telecast.

Celine lost her partner and former manager Rene Angelil and her brother Daniel to the disease in January, and her brother-in-law, Guy Poirier, is currently fighting cancer in her native Canada, so she has a very special reason to be part of next month’s charity drive.


The “My Heart Will Go On” singer will join country stars Keith Urban and Little Big Town among those performing as part of the telecast, which will air on more than 40 television networks on September 9. The show will be broadcast live from the Music Center’s Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, and executive produced by actor Bradley Cooper, who lost his father to cancer in 2011. Ben Affleck, Matthew McConaughey, Emma Stone, Anna Kendrick, and Ken Jeong have also signed up to appear. “We all have a reason to stand up,” says Cooper. “Stand Up to Cancer is a sustained movement that impacts millions of lives. We honor the personal stories that motivate individuals to fight, and that highlight the urgent need to get new methods of treatment to the patients who so desperately need them.” Meanwhile, Dion’s sister Claudette opened up about her family’s latest cancer drama last week, revealing sibling Liette’s husband is in a care home being treated for the disease, which has spread to his lung, brain and bones. “(My brother-in-law) is at the Maison Adhemar-Dion and he is still conscious,” she told Echos Vedettes magazine. “My sister (Liette) is with him and she is very strong. People of the Maison are angels and they are taking very good care of our step-brother.” Maison Adhemar-Dion, named after Celine’s father Adhemar who passed away from bone cancer in 2003, is a palliative care unit in a suburb outside of Montreal in Quebec, Canada. Daniel Dion was also treated at the unit.

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