Cat Has the Most Amazing Facial Expressions and You’ll Instantly Fall in Love


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Source: Instagram/@cat_winston

Source: [email protected]_winston

Cats are usually known to be quite demure, uninterested creatures. Most – and we’ve done a lot of research on the subject – tend to stick to just doing cat stuff: eat, sleep, run frantic from a room without provocation at any moment, and quietly clean themselves.

But one cat is bucking conventional wisdom when it comes to felines and you’re likely going to fall in love.


Winston is your normal British shorthair – with maybe a spot of Persian in him – but was blessed with a striking pair of golden yellow eyes. Yellow eyes for a cat aren’t incredibly rare, but Winston’s countenance seems perpetually shocked, or as some may call them, he’s got “the crazy eyes.” Of course, Winston’s owner, Niels, wouldn’t have it any other way. “Some people think he has crazy eyes, but we think they are beautiful,” said Niels in an email with Your Daily Dish. “He was the last one left of a litter of kittens and we immediately fell in love with him.” Those big, beautiful “crazy eyes” are on full display when Winston realizes he nearly forgot his human’s birthday.
Or when the footballz is on the TVzzz.
Or the insane amount of fast food his owners eat.
Nature is always full of wonder.
And sometimes frightening…
Discovering you knew the “Macarena” this whole time is sure to be a shock to anyone.
You’d look this way too if you had towels as fluffy as these.

"I'm not crazy, you re crazy!" #cat #instacat #crazycat

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Nature…it’s the ninja of the Earth.
Like many cats, if Winston fits, Winston sits.
Winston thinks Garfield’s got it all wrong with that whole lasagna thing.
But just like Garfield, Winston loves his beauty rest.

"Winston – codename: little fluffball" #cat #instacat #fluffy #catsofinstagram #cute

A photo posted by I'm winston. Born in oct 2014. (@cat_winston) on

Better get used to seeing your face everywhere, Winston. Keep up this cuteness and you’ll be Insta-famous in no time. “If Winston becomes famous on Instagram, I think we will spoil him even more,” added Niels. “Also, perhaps [we’d] buy some cardboard-plane for him. I always wanted to make a photo of him in on of these things (sic).” Check out more of Winston on his Instagram page.

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