Dad Brings Cutout of Family Dog to Bride’s Destination Wedding


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cardboard dog cutout

Source: Lydia Ruth Photography | Inside Edition

When the beloved dog of one family couldn’t attend the bride’s destination wedding, her jokester dad took it upon himself to bring a cardboard dog cutout in its place, and people everywhere are sharing his amazing story.

Hillary Bowles, who lives in New York, was getting married in North Carolina. Because her 2-year-old goldendoodle, Leo, doesn’t travel well, the family determined it’d be best for the dog not to make the trip down south. Bowles was upset. That’s when her father decided that instead of bringing the dog physically, he’d do everything he could to make sure Leo was there in spirit.


Mr. Bowles had a cardboard cutout of Leo created and hilariously documented the paper pooch’s road trip from the family home in Ohio to North Carolina. There were stops along the highway, making new friends, crossing the border into North Carolina, and finally the cardboard dog cutout appearing at the wedding.
cardboard dog cutout

Source: Inside Edition

It seems like Leo, even cardboard versions, is a surefire hit wherever he goes. SHARE this hilarious dad’s story with any dog lover in your life.

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