Cam Newton’s Post-Game Hat Choice Becomes Instant Meme


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Source: @NFL Memes

It is no secret that across all sports the biggest stars are held under the biggest microscope. Everything they do, everything they eat, everything they say is always being analyzed, criticized, and (mis)interpreted. This is also true for their fashion choices.

Quarterback Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers has always had a unique style. Coming off a 46-27 throttling of the San Francisco 49ers Sunday afternoon, the Panthers star got to the podium of his post-game press conference dressed sharply in blazer and bowtie, but it was his choice of headwear that has the internet ablaze.



Channeling what can only be described as 1920s vintage style, Newton’s hat has instantly turned him into a meme as well as its own Twitter handle. Here are just a few examples of how much fun Tweeters are having with this: It doesn’t matter that Newton threw for over 300 yards with three touchdowns in Sunday’s win. The important thing is that the internet is always here to make fun of everything.

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