Mom Teaches Boxer to Tickle Crying Baby on Command Eliciting Uncontrollable Giggles


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Get ready for a giggle fit.


In a video that has captivated the internet, mom Katie Wahrhaftig of Brookfield, Illinois has taught her Boxer, Jeeves, to “tickle” her 9-month-old boy any time the child can’t stop crying. The video shows Jeeves nudging his nose into the baby’s stomach and midsection. The boy erupts into adorable giggles every time Jeeves pushes his nose into his belly and legs. Wahrhaftig shows a point when her son begins to cry before she quickly tickles his belly, the cue for Jeeves to start his tickling all over again. According to Inside Edition, Wahrhaftig adopted Jeeves when she was five months pregnant and was reticent to introduce Boxer Jeeves to her newborn at first. Now, she looks back and knows it was a great decision. Lucky for us, we get to share in their hijinks and enjoy a good laugh as well!

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