Blac Chyna: ‘Kardashian Sisters will be Bridesmaids at Our Wedding’


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Model and reality TV star Blac Chyna has laughed off ongoing reports she doesn’t get along with fiance Rob Kardashian’s sisters, revealing they’ll be bridesmaids at their wedding.


Kardashian family feud gossip has been rife ever since Rob Kardashian and Chyna announced their engagement after a whirlwind romance, and then revealed she was pregnant. Chyna has constantly shot down the rumors, even posing for selfies with members of her husband-to-be’s famous clan, but they’re not going away. Now, in a new interview she reveals she’ll be asking some of his sisters to serve as bridesmaids. Promoting her new reality series Rob & Chyna on Thursday, she told radio host Ryan Seacrest there will be Kardashian/Jenners by her side and revealed the couple has a date “picked out.” “I obviously wanted to do it (get married) when I wasn’t pregnant so we could turn up! We’re just doing one step at a time. Like first the baby and having these things come first, and then I feel like the wedding will follow after. I feel like the baby is more important right at this moment.” The couple is expecting a baby girl – a little sister for King, Chyna’s three-year-old son from her romance with rapper Tyga, who is now dating her future sister-in-law, Kylie Jenner. Meanwhile, groom-to-be Rob Kardashian admits he’s struggling with his side of the wedding party – because he doesn’t have any friends or brothers. He told the radio host, “I got no friends, and the guys in this family keep disappearing but Kanye!” Kanye West is married to Rob Kardashian’s big sister Kim Kardashian.

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