10-Year-Old Inventor Creates Device to Help Kids Stuck in Hot Cars


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One clever fifth grader from Texas is putting his ingenious idea to good use.


After seeing a neighbor die from being in a hot car, Bishop Curry decided to invent a device that could prevent that same thing from happening again. The 10-year-old put his brain to use and created a device called the Oasis. The Oasis is a miniature gadget that specializes in monitoring temperature. The tiny monitor keeps track of the temperature inside the car. If it gets too hot, the device emits a cooling air, while alerting outside authorities from an antenna device.
It kind of came in my head,” Bishop told the Huffington Post. “I got lots of help from my parents.”

Source: CTV News YouTube

Currently, Curry only has a 3D clay model of his prototype, but he hopes to make the real product soon. Together with his dad, Curry has raised over $29,000 for the device on GoFundMe. The duo plans to use the money to fund the patent and manufacture the product.
According to No Heat Stroke, 712 children left in vehicles have died from heatstroke since 1998. Curry hopes that his device will help those kids who are trapped in hot cars from overheating. Check out more on his GoFundMe page here.
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