Best Grandson Ever Secretly Buys His Grandparents a New Car


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Michael Latimer

Source: YouTube/Michael Latimer

The debate has finally been settled. As the video below shows, we now know definitively who deserves the title of Best Grandson in the World. That would be Michael Latimer, who surprised his grandparents with a new car when theirs broke.

The video begins with Latimer explaining that when his grandparents’ car broke down, they couldn’t afford to buy a new one, so he took it upon himself to buy them a Volkswagen Polo. Not content to simply call them up with the good news, he devises a playful way of sharing the surprise.


Latimer shows up at his grandparents home, giving them a series of cards atop a small box. The first few cards display written messages describing Latimer’s love for his grandparents. Cleverly, the letters “V” and “W” are suspiciously larger and darker than the other letters on the cards. The next card is almost bare, with nothing but a Polo candy attached to it. Latimer’s grandfather responds to this with a simple statement of “I don’t eat them.” However, when he opens yet another box and removes a new set of keys, it takes him some time to realize what his grandson has done. Latimer explains that he bought them a new Volkswagen Polo, and brings his stunned grandfather out to see it. As the shocked man takes his seat, the realization that his grandson is better than all the other grandsons in the world finally hits him. Watch for yourself, but be warned, you may tear up and your coworkers will mock you. Well, unless you like bawling like a baby in front of strangers.

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