Beatles Film Brings Back Proud Memories for Paul McCartney


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Courtesy of WENN Newsdesk

Ron Howard’s new Beatles movie, titled The Beatles: Eight Days a Week, brought memories flooding back for Sir Paul McCartney, and reminded him how political the times were while the “Fab Four” were touring America.

Eight Days a Week chronicles the band at the height of “Beatlemania” in the mid-1960s and the group’s existing duo McCartney and Ringo Starr attended the premiere in London on Thursday night.


Both admitted it was emotional watching lost footage, but it served as a great history lesson for McCartney. He told BBC, “There’s some great things that we’ve kinda half forgotten, like we refused to play a show in Jacksonville… because we heard it was segregated and blacks on one side and whites on the other and we said, ‘Well that’s stupid, so we won’t play it!’ “They had to change the rules, so it was the first integrated show that Jacksonville ever had. Looking back now, that’s very cool. I’m very proud of that.”

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