A Baker’s Dozen Of Pinterest Baking Fails


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Inspiration can come from many places. For many bakers, the go to destination before greasing up the pans is Pinterest. This is where you’ll find amazing examples of cakes, cookies and other goodies lovingly prepared by expert bakers. You’ll also find all the fails. If you’re going to bake, you’ve got to have a sense of humor. Hats off to these noble attempts.

1. It’s sad when they give up…


6-hilarious-pinterest-fails-funny-photos9 2. Kids love anything Minions. This would scare them. a6a7461a4741b01f0c2bc05c8130b3ca 3. In this person’s defense, the original is not all that great. nailed-it-little-mermaid 4. You should be very proud. pomo0cysgk1tvd0 5. Again with the Minions…. nailed-it-minon-cake2 6. They’re both creepy. i39fz-pinterest14 7. “Me no think this good.” Picture 20 8. Aww, they’re cute. chick-peep-cake-pop-fail-easter-640x640 9. It helps to have the right tool for the job. browniesNAILED-1 10. I weep for the children. 391d07480e17a0b966fdfa0dc8ecf3f8 11. Technically, you can totally still eat that. nailed-it-smore-cookie 12. This will keep folks from snacking. nailed-it-hedgehog-cake 13. Okay, last Minion. I swear. e90271bf6b18ba4c392d4b8e77124c40    

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