Baby Koala Won’t Leave Mom’s Side During Surgery -Too Precious!


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Koala_ydd1 Few things are stronger than the bond between a mother and child—even if it’s a bond between two koalas.


While crossing the road in Brisbane, Australia, a mother koala—affectionately named Lizzie by local animal doctors—was hit by an oncoming vehicle. She wasn’t alone, either; clinging to her side was her 48-gram, six-month-old son (who’s referred to as Phantom). In the accident, Lizzie suffered some facial damage and a collapsed lung. Fortunately, Phantom only endured minor injuries. Lizzie and Phantom both were both rushed to the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital in nearby Beerwah, Queensland. Likely a tiny bit scared and definitely a lot loyal, Phantom clung to his mother’s side from transport all the way through her operation. A devastating accident couldn’t separate this loving pair, and surgery sure wouldn’t either. Images of this twosome’s journey went wild after people witnessed just how adorable and inspiring Phantom was throughout this daunting process. The surgery was successful, and Lizzie is now recovering at the hospital thanks to an expert team and needed anti-biotics—naturally with Phantom in tow. Koala “joeys” (the term for baby koalas) can’t afford to be without their mothers at this young, so the doctors knew to expect this devoted demeanor. Koala_ydd5Koala_ydd4Koala_ydd2 Fittingly enough, the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital was born from a son’s love for his mother. The late wildlife conservationist and television personality Steve Irwin, alongside his wife, Terri, established the hospital in memory of his mother Lyn Irwin back in 2004. Since opening, the hospital has treated almost 60,000 animal patients, and has been a welcome extension for the zoo, which was originally opened in 1970 by Steve’s parents. Unfortunately, accidents like Lizzie and Phantom’s aren’t wholly uncommon. On average (and for a variety of reasons), the hospital sees about 70 koalas a month at the hospital, with each costing the hospital between $1,500-5,000 per koala. To keep future mother-son animal bonds alive, consider donating to the Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors. That way, Australian wildlife can continue being adorable while not being in danger. Please SHARE if this sweet baby koala put a smile on your face!
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