Avan Jogia Not Convinced Tut Snake Wrangler was the Real Deal


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Avan Jogia not convinced Tut snake wrangler was the real deal

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Avan Jogia, former Victorious star, admits he was relieved to hear a snake expert had been hired to patrol the set every morning before filming started in the Moroccan desert, but he’s now not convinced the movie bosses needed to pay for his services.

  Jogia says, “He kept on catching snakes – he caught, like, four snakes a day… But the thing is… I think this man brought snakes.”


  Jogia actually took to Instagram yesterday, Thursday, July 23, 2015, to ask his fans what they thought of the film.

How did all you lovely people enjoy #TUT?

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The actor spent four months shooting the Egyptian-period drama in the desert and was rewarded for all his efforts by director David Ayer with a trip to Paris, France to soak up ancient exhibits at The Louvre museum.   He says, “It was really amazing to sit there with something that’s three thousand years old; you just feel dwarfed by, like, the greatness of the nation.”