Watch This Adorable Dog Run to Get Her Bed so She Can Watch TV Comfortably


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Meet Heidi, an adorable Australian Shepherd who knows the true meaning of rest and relaxation.


Heidi loves to watch television and does it in a pretty comfortable fashion. Each time Heidi’s owner turns on the television, the dog immediately gets excited. Luckily, Heidi’s owner filmed the process of her getting ready to watch television in a super cute video. As soon as the TV lights up, Heidi runs to get her doggy bed so that she can get comfortable. She then drags it right in front of the TV for the perfect spot. Once the opening credits start rolling, Heidi is fixated on the screen. The charming dog cannot wait to see those animals run across the screen in the wildlife television documentary. The video of Heidi gearing up to watch Planet Earth quickly went viral. It stole the hearts of many users on the internet. Some users even left comments describing just how cute they thought the video was when they watched it. “What did we do to deserve dogs?” one user wrote on the platform. “Wow! Heidi is the epitome of domestication…and cuteness,” another user shared in an online post.

Hopefully Heidi helps take away those Monday blues of yours.

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