Ariana Grande’s Manager Scooter Braun defends Her Over Doughnut Controversy


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Scooter Braun defends Ariana Grande over doughnut controversy A surveillance camera caught the Problem hitmaker appearing to lick doughnuts on the counter of Lake Elsinore’s Wolfee Donuts in California during a 15-minute stop there last week (03Jul15), after a staff member brought out a tray of oversized treats.


Grande issued a lengthy apology on Wednesday (08Jul15) in a bid to explain anti-America remarks that were also picked up on camera, and explained the doughnuts she tampered with were for her new flame, backup dancer Ricky Alvarez In a new video posted by TMZ, Grande is seen with her backup dancer Ricky Alvarez, in an LA Donut Shop. TMZ Video The store owner, Joe Marin, has since disputed her version of events, revealing Grande and her boyfriend also appeared to spit on the doughnuts, which were later sold to other customers by unsuspecting staff – and now police in California are working with public health officials to investigate the matter. However, talent manager Braun is standing by Grande, and he is adamant the 22 year old was just innocently messing around. Braun called in to U.S. talk show The View on Thursday (09Jul15) to address the drama after Whoopi Goldberg and her co-hosts touched on the controversy during their Hot Topics segment. Relaying his message at the end of the show, Goldberg said, “Our friend Scooter Braun, he represents Ariana Grande, and he called and said, ‘Listen, she is a germaphobe and would never have licked doughnuts in that store, she just wouldn’t have done it.'” Braun’s sentiments were also echoed in a post on his page, which reads: “Falling down is so necessary for us to appreciate standing up. Let’s not judge our young people so quick (sic). Help them grow.” And Scooter is not the only Celebrity In Support of Grande. Meanwhile, the scandal has already cost Wolfee Donuts its top hygiene grade after a health inspector blamed employees for placing the trays of doughnuts on top of the counter, where anyone could access them, instead of in a display case. Owners have a week to prove they’ve enforced the health and safety rules as they seek to have their A rating reinstated.

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