Antonio Banderas Planning ‘Zorro’-Inspired Cape Line


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Antonio Banderas is planning to put his new fashion design skills to good use by creating a line of capes inspired by his iconic role in The Mask Of Zorro movies.

The Hollywood star is currently studying at a top fashion college in London so he can expand his business empire to include a menswear line and he is hoping to help one particular item of clothing make a big comeback.


He tells the Central Saint Martin’s college 1Granary publication:
“There is one garment that I love that was lost in menswear a long time ago, and I would like to experiment with it: the cape. Capes in the winter, in places like this [London]… I think they have incredible possibilities. They’re very comfortable… You can experiment with colors, textures, you can do a number of things. And it is in a way so logical, coming from Zorro!… For me, it’s actually easier than a coat, you walk into a place and you just boom throw it off [sic]. It depends on the materials that are used, but now there are unbelievable materials!”
Well, I guess I know what I’m putting on my Christmas list.
Source: The Mask of Zorro

Source: The Mask of Zorro

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