Anne Hathaway Would Work With Ivanka Trump on Parental Leave Campaign


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Anne Hathaway would happily “reach across the aisle” and work with President Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka to fight for better parental leave laws.

The Les Miserables star and United Nations Women Goodwill Ambassador marked International Women’s Day last month by delivering an impassioned speech at the U.N. headquarters in New York, taking aim at government officials’ lack of support for new parents like herself.


Under current legislation, women are only entitled to 12 weeks’ unpaid leave, while men are not required to be given any time off by employers. In her speech, Hathaway admitted she only realized how tough the policy was for mothers in particular after welcoming her first child, son Jonathan, in March, 2016, and her candid comments won her support from famous friends and fans alike, including Ivanka Trump, who applauded the star via social media. Trump’s actions drew some criticism, since her father has so far done little to advance women’s rights issues, especially with regards to healthcare and the defunding of non-profit organization Planned Parenthood, despite appointing his eldest daughter a Presidential assistant. Hathaway, a Democrat, admits she pities the 35-year-old mother-of-three for the way she is treated by detractors: “I’m surprised at myself for saying this — it isn’t easy to be Ivanka Trump right now,” the Oscar winner told talk show The View. “I’m not sure that she can do anything right (in the public’s opinion).” The actress insists she “did appreciate the support” from Trump, and although they may not share the same political beliefs, she would welcome the opportunity to work together if they can make positive change for new moms and dads across America. “If this can be the thing that gets us to put aside the bulls**t and actually support parents, then do it, reach across the aisle…,” Hathaway declared. “I’ll work with Ivanka Trump. I don’t agree with her on everything; she doesn’t agree with me on everything, but if us putting that aside and acting like grown-ups lets people who need support and need help get it? Yeah, you’re right, I’ll do that. Absolutely.” Trump has yet to respond to Hathaway’s proposal.

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