He Sees A Whirlpool In The Water, But Keep Your Eyes On The Middle. Holy Cow


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I can honestly say I’ve never seen something like this…


Amateur Filmmaker Captures ‘Amazing Monstrous Whirlpool’


Whirlpools are particularly notable natural phenomenas as they are unpredictable and as beautiful as they maybe they can also be terrifying. Janis Astics the amateur filmmaker whom was able to capture a seemingly innocuous swirl of water near the banks of the Daugava River in Dviete, Latvia. Quickly realized that this tiny whirlpool was no longer the small swirl of water that he originally thought it to be. Mr. Astics described this an “Amazing Monstrous Whirlpool” which in the beginning of the video you may not understand, but if you wait and watch the video you will see that his first assumption turns out to be completely wrong. As the whirlpool starts to pick up speed you can see that it consumes larger chunks of ice, twigs and debris. At the end the Whirlpool vortex is so powerful it absorbs an entire sheet of ice larger that the whirlpool it self. Mr. Astics was extremely fortunate; as the likelihood of ever being able to see a whirlpool of this magnitude is very uncommon, as he saw the whirlpool build up momentum right from the start. Janis Astics video shares a special glimpse into an amazing Natural phenomena as the whirlpool grows in nature very much unlike what we are all used to in our bath tubs. To give a little more insight into what a whirlpool exactly is we did a little bit of research and uncovered that whirlpools are caused by a swirling body of water that is produced by the introduction of opposing currents. Most whirlpools will never be as powerful as the one seen in Mr Astics video, but it seems to make sense as the most powerful whirlpools are caused in narrow, shallow straits of fast currents of water. I am sure you are still asking yourself where does all of the items sucked into the vortex of the whirlpool? Well like your household bathtub that drains when you pull out the stopper to drain the tub. A whirlpool functions in a very similar manner as debris is being forced down through the whirlpools vortex most likely ending up at the bottom of the river or pushed extremely far downstream which makes this natural phenomena caught on camera truly that impressive and at the same time terrifying as you can see from the video your really never want to be caught in a whirlpool… As you watch the video below, Please keep a close eye on the center of the whirlpool as the vortex builds up! Make Sure to Watch past 4:00 as that is when things really start to pick up.