98-Year-Old Woman Has Dedicated Her Life to Writing Letters to Troops Overseas


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This 98-year-old grandmother is proving that the art of letter writing is still strong. Alleen Cooper has spent several years writing several thousand letters to military members who are serving overseas. Cooper began writing letters during World War II and has continued the tradition ever since. “All of the time I think of these people and their families at home,” Cooper told Houston television station KTRK. Cooper’s letter writing really began to pick up when her son was in Vietnam. Over the past six years, she has written over 7,000 letters to military soldiers. The letters are at least four pages long and each letter has its own personal touch.
Many of the soldiers have also responded to the letters by sending Cooper flags from their base as a thank you. “She would always send us clippings and jokes. She would tell us about her day,” Staff Sgt. Chris Cantos told Charlotte television station WBTV. Cooper has no plans to stop her letter writing, despite her tired hands. “I decided I’m going to write as long as I can,” Cooper said to WBTV.

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