Actress Daniele Watts Defiant about New Apology Letter Demand


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Actress Daniele Watts defiant about new apology letter demand

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Daniele Watts and her boyfriend, chef Brian Lucas, pleaded no contest to a disturbing the peace charge earlier in 2015, and as part of their punishment the couple was told to write apology letters to the arresting officer she accused of racism and the office building employees and residents who called the cops.



In the one to the unnamed staffers who reported the alleged sex act, the couple wrote: “We are truly sorry that our expression of love caused such a disturbance to your lives that you felt it was threatening enough to warrant police involvement.”   The staffers reportedly spotted Watts in the front seat of her car, straddling her partner with her breasts exposed.   In a second letter to the arresting officer, Sgt. Barker, Watts accused him of sarcasm and provoking her.   The judge overseeing the case has now given Watts and Lucas until the end of September 2015 to come up with better, more heartfelt, less passive aggressive apology letters, or risk further punishment.   Appearing on Access Hollywood on Wednesday, August 12, 2015, defiant Watts said, “My parents always taught me that if you really want to apologize to someone not just, like, say I’m sorry and not mean it and move on… you come from your heart and you tell them what you’re feeling, so they can understand, ‘Look, I don’t think you’re a bad person, I got triggered, it hit a nerve and I’m not perfect and I’m having a bad day.”   Asked if she will be writing another apology letter, she added, “I’m going to do what I feel in 15 days when I have to go back to court.”   And the actress is still adamant the police should never have been called in the first place, insisting she and Lucas were not doing anything illegal in the car.   She explained, “I am in love with this person and I was sitting on his lap and we were making out and I was enjoying myself and then I felt very ashamed when somebody thought that that was inappropriate.”   Lucas added, “We were not having sex; we were fully clothed.”