90-Year-Old Grandma Replaces Rocking Chair With Water Skis


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Source: Katelynn Zoellner Facebook

Move over 6-month-old water skier, there’s a 90-year-old water skiing granny taking over!

Millie Sullens began water skiing when she was 34 years old and hasn’t stopped since! She first learned to ski in 1959 on a cabin cruiser and then one year later, her husband bought a boat for them to ski on.


“I had a little hard time the first time. Finally, when my husband slowed the boat down I just finally took off and went!” she shared with 5 News Online. Sullens, who spends her time skiing on Lake Tenkiller in El Reno, Oklahoma, describes her skiing experiences as “wonderful.” “It’s like you got the whole world by yourself and when you get a new skier you live that same thing,” she explained. Sullen isn’t just a beginner skier either, she can ski without the rope, on one ski, and jumps over waves.
“Go for it! If you fall, get up and go again. It’s no fun sitting at home in a rocking chair!” she said. Sullens has passed on her skills, teaching her great-grandchildren how to water ski. “I just have fun teaching everybody and following them across the waters,” she shared. Sellen has impressed many people with her skills including Kevin Dudley, marina owner in the Tenkiller Lake area. “It’s such a remarkable feat to be 90 years old and doing this,” he shared. “I don’t know very many people in the world that could accomplish that.” (H/T People)

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