5-Year-Old Wows Judges With Her Voice… And Then She Started To Dance


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Finding the next star is the whole idea behind America’s Got Talent, and it looks like they found a little girl recently who is loaded with it. Heavenly Joy Jerkins, who is just five years old, performed on a recent episode of the NBC series and delivered a performance that floored the judges.


HeavenlyJoy_Image1   Heavenly Joy, who says her aunt calls her “Heav,” came on stage to perform the song “In Summer,” from the mega Disney hit, Frozen. During the pre-performance interview, Heav is gushing with confidence, a bubbly personality, and utter cuteness that makes you fall in love. And that’s all before she even performs. When the youngster heads out on the stage, the judges are instantly fawning over the soon-to-be starlet and her adorable outfit, but she still has to prove she has talent. And prove it she does. HeavenlyJoy_Image4 In a performance that may rival some of Shirley Temple’s best scenes, young Heavenly Joy delivers a knockout song and dance routine that immediately wins the judges over. In a unanimous decision, Heavenly Joy is moving on to the next round. And it’s very likely that we’ll be seeing this “heavenly joy” move on a Broadway stage at some time in the not-too-distant future.

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