5-Year-Old Hero Saves Mom and Baby Brother


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Driver Spot Tiny Barefoot Girl Alone On The Roadside, But Never Expect This
It’s being hailed as a miracle. What was supposed to be an uneventful road trip to British Columbia took an unexpected and almost deadly turn if not for the quick thinking of five-year-old Lexi Shymanski.


Angela Shymanski, Lexi’s mother, along with Lexi and 10-week-old son Peter, were on their way to Prince George, British Columbia. Angela, in order to help the children sleep, played a lullaby CD, but the relaxing music caused Angela to fall asleep as well and the car veered off the road down a steep embankment and crashed into a tree. Angela was unconscious. Baby Peter was crying. Only little Lexi could save them. When Lexi realized her mother was not going to wake, she unclasped her own five-point harness and exited the car. She climbed up the embankment towards the road all while barefoot.   5YO_Lexi2   At that moment, a car was passing by and seeing a barefoot child on the side of the road, knew something must be wrong. The family of three stopped and quickly realized the extent of the situation. With the help of the father, they were able to retrieve baby Peter from the car as another bystander came upon the scene, who by a stroke of luck happened to be a paramedic.  
  The paramedic, who Lexi described to the Prince George Citizen as the “good stranger,” stayed with Angela until she regained consciousness and an ambulance arrived at the scene. Angela sustained fractures in her neck and back, but miraculously neither child was harmed. When Angela described the incident and was asked how Lexi made such a quick decision to undo her harness and go for help, Lexi said, “That’s what mommy would do.” According to Angela, Lexi had only undone her harness “once or twice before and she can’t do it since.” That’s some quick thinking for this little five-year-old hero.

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