5-Year-Old Boy Saves His Allowance so He Can Treat Local Police Officers to Lunch


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Source: Winslow Township Police Department (NJ)

Source: Winslow Township Police Department (NJ)year-

One 5-year-old boy from New Jersey is really putting his allowance to good use.

After watching a YouTube video about donating money, William Evertz Jr. was motivated to do the same. In order to raise the money for the donation, Evertz Jr. helped his mom feed the ducks and chickens around his house as part of his allowance. The little boy saved up enough money to treat the local police officers to lunch.


His mother Tara helped to arrange all of the details. She emailed the Winslow Township Police Department and set up a day that Evertz Jr. could bring in Subway sandwiches for lunch. “Happy kindness day,” Evertz Jr. shared with the officers. “I want to be a police officer. They keep us safe.” To thank Evertz Jr. for the special meal, the officers gave him a police shirt and his own set of special keys for the police entrance. “We need good police officers like you,” police chief George Smith said. “I can’t wait until you’re old enough so we can hire you.”
They also gave the little boy a ride home in a police car with the lights and sirens on full blast! Evertz Jr. hopes to surprise more people with more random acts of kindness by donating “supplies and money to local organizations in need,” shared A Plus. “He wants to help people. He likes being kind,” Lt. Chris Dubler shared. “When we all signed up for this job that was our thing — we want to help people and I think he’s going to do a good job.”
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