12 Signs That Make No Sense


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Signs are meant to help us get from point “A” to point “B.” They also serve as the occasional warning and boundary definer. Of course, there are signs that leave us scratching out heads and wondering, “What am I supposed to do?” These are some of those signs:

1. I’d like to meet the Necessary Police who are in charge of the good noise.


tumblr_static_tumblr_static_bmb4bzd6a3cck0k0k4c80o4wk_640 2. Wait, I go… where? When… huh? What? Information Overload 3. Okay, so which is it? Can I bring Fido or not? 1 images 4. Talk about being stuck at a light. jWugkGagQf2P5WwkreqU_c1 5. Glad you cleared that up. The-No-Entry-or-Exit-Door-Sign 6. Someone skipped math class. pvrvVRhdQOLIHU3DOD6r_c2 7. Uh… whoops? 5EPyGbt8SredhQiEpcaH_c9 8. Just when I was going to do this, I read the sign. Whew. 2 images 9. Which came first? The ditch or the digging of the ditch? Either way you can’t do both. signs_that_make_almost_no_sense_whatsoever_640_high_10 10. “Would you like fries with your drive-thru parking spot?” 3 images 11. Kind of insulting. s3 12. Someone needs to point out the irony of this sign. DSC_9625.3  

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