12 Signs That Are Hilarious


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As opposed to the signs that make no sense, these signs actually show off a sense of humor. Don’t know about you but I’d like to buy the writers a drink… or another sign to work on.

1. It’s nice when someone can admit their own mistakes.


sign-filet-fish 2. There is a story here I’d love to listen to. images 3. True that. enhanced-buzz-2947-1379079607-11 4. Clearly written by an upset Browns fan. oqwrk19-tzofbrlj88c0rjl72ejkfbmt4t8yenimkbvvk0ktmf0xjctabnaljim9 5. Wait, they did what? fantastic-4-knocked-up-nancy-drew 6. Good question. Demands a good answer. funny-movie-theater-sign-marquee 7. Way to preach! 2 images 8. Direct and to the point. 3 images 9. Confession is good for the soul. 3386f2bc3677b2727939494b7dc7e97e 10. We’ve all been there. 1375096729-837634209 11. Truth in advertising. 68524e06ed37ba3fa298f4c6780e4a6a 12. You’ve  been warned. funnypic    

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