10 Reasons Why You Should Never Pass Out Drunk With Your Friends


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Once again, St. Patrick’s Day has come and gone. And once again there were plenty of folks who overdid it on the green beer. They probably paid the price with a hangover the next morning if they were lucky. It’s a safe bet that a few others passed out from the boozing and found themselves waking up in a “unique” situation all thanks to their kind friends. Folks, if you are going to pass out, be sure to hide the Sharpies first.

1. Freakiest thing about this is waking up with your eyes taped shut.


2. And no, that is not his actual shirt and jacket. Image result for drunk pass out 3. At least when he wakes up he’ll have a healthy snack. 4. This is going to make for a very loud wake-up call. 5. Passed out but can still balance. 6. Nice when the friends sign their work. 7. Of course, it is equally nice when they take photo credit. passed out friends saran wrap 8. We’ll call this the “Pile On.” Yes, there is someone drunk and passed out under all that. 9. Is he alive? Is he dead? Tough call here 10. Finally, if you’re going to pass out then get celebrity photobombed by Tom Hanks, then it was all worth it. Image result for drunk pass out        

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