10-Year-Old Boy’s Insightful Message About Materialism Goes Viral


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Source: @KingNahhInstagram

Source: @KingNahh/Instagram

It’s rare to see an adult, let alone a child, fire off so many insights in a one-minute-or-less video and yet, 10-year-old Nyeeam Hudson does it on a daily basis.

Hudson, or otherwise known by his Instagram name “kingnahh,” is no stranger to motivational speaking. His Instagram has 68,000 followers and counting where he shares his thoughts and words on a plethora of subjects and ideas that inspire each and every one of his viewers.


Recently, the young boy decided to provide some wisdom in regards to the idea of being too materialistic in this world, this time in the form of a brief personal anecdote. Hudson had been at a park when another boy began to make fun of him for the sneakers he was wearing. Listen to what Hudson’s response (and message) to this boy was:
Hudson explains how pointless it is to put material items on a pedestal, when what really matters – the only things that should matter – are what is in your head and your heart. “It’s not about what I have on my feet. It’s about what I have inside my head. No matter what I’m wearing, no matter what I have on, it’s about my information, the knowledgable things in life. These sneakers are not even going to fit you in 20 years from now … It’s about what you have in your mind, your wisdom, the power to inspire others.” Not only does he showcase the flaw in this materialistic way of thinking, but he pleads with parents to not raise their children in this manner, for if they find themselves without the cool clothes and whatnot, “They are gonna feel like they are not important.” Hudson’s eloquence and passion and belief in his words are truly inspiring, and the young man can teach us all a lesson or two. For more, check out kingnahh‘s Instragram page for more.

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