10 People Who Are Having A Really Bad Day


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Missed the train into work? Spilled coffee over your shirt? Got a flat tire? Yeah, those are bad day moments but they’re not epic bad day moments. See if these pictures don’t make you feel better about your day.

1. “Hi, yeah, I’m a lion and you’re on my turf… so… yeah.”


people-just-having-a-bad-day-18 2. She’ll be rethinking that suntan break any minute now. 93 3. Last time this happened, three stooges were involved. mauvais-moment-19 4. That is going to leave a little mess. mauvais-moment-22 5. Really? Not even a “Sorry” wave? dfc30176-0e9f-4645-95ca-dd562e13bc40 6. It could be worse. At least she got out dry. 5d5996fb-52f1-49cf-a662-d2684ad2b4c3 7. “Hello? Yes, I’m wondering if you have any chickens that aren’t busy?” mauvais-moment-4 8. This has got to be a colorful story behind this picture. an_accident_with_an_added_splash_of_colour_01 9. “Should I go left, right or straight?” 8f772246-95a1-4221-b887-0f6c4273a9bd 10. Okay, we’re going to say, “Ouch!” on many levels. 19  

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